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Another step in the Registration Process for any tour, along with your Registration Form and Deposit, is to read this entire document, fill out the form at the end, and "Submit" it. The document contains information about your travel and what to do if certain issues arise.

Before the tour begins, Patsy, the Tour Organizer, makes advance arrangements, final decisions, organizorand oversees the many details that make up each tour. She works with the Globus Family of Brands (Globus, Cosmos, Monograms, and Avalon Waterways), to get the best price, best itinerary, best accommodations, and the best meals for all travelers.

castle-flag-clipart-1RedEach tour will have a Tour Guide/Manager who is an employee of the Globus Family of Brands, has organizational skills and knowledge of her/his country and is responsible for EVERYTHING that happens on a tour. She/he is well-versed in the history, culture, location, hotels, restaurants, and will have recommendations for sightseeing and shopping when we have free time. Each Tour Guide/Manager is your best friend in a foreign country, is in charge of all things tour related, and is the "go to" person when there are tour related issues or if you need any assistance while on tour.

Items NOT Included in Tour Price:

  • Transportation - flights to the tour destination, personal transportation for pre and post tour days, taxi to destination if you miss the bus, transfers for pre/post days
  • Meals not included in the itinerary.
  • Hotel - for pre and post days, single supplement
  • Items of a Personal Nature - souvenirs; laundry; beverages including tea, coffee, wine, liquors, soft drinks, except for meals included in itinerary; phone, fax, and internet expenses.
  • Gratuities for Tour Guide, Bus Driver, and Local Guides

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel 354-119 days before the tour start day, refund is $200.00.

                                    If you cancel 120-0 days before the tour start day, contact your Travel

                                        Insurance provider.

LAND TOUR - You are responsible for paying your land costs and any Pre and/or Post Days requested by you.

Arriving Early (Pre-day) or Staying Later (Post-Day):

  • If you plan to ARRIVE BEFORE the tour starts or LEAVE AFTER the tour ends, you must make your own hotel arrangements.
    * If you want Patsy to arrange a Pre and/or Post Night in the hotel for you, the price will include a 10% Service Fee based on the hotel cost per night 
  • If you plan to LEAVE AFTER the tour ends, you must make your own airport transfer arrangements
    *If you want Patsy to arrange for your transfers, then you must pay the transfer costs plus a $10.00 Service Fee
  • If you want Patsy to arrange a Special Pre and/or Post Tour for you, you must pay the tour cost including a 10% Service Fee.

Single Room: Pay your single supplement when you pay your land costs.

Roommate: Identify your roommate on your Registration Form, OR request a roommate be assigned for you on the Registration Form.

Changing Single Room or Roommate:

  • If you cannot "live" with your roommate and want a single room, first check your Travel Insurance to see what is covered because you will have to pay the Single Supplement for yourself AND for your roommate that you left.
  • If someone will change roommates with you, advise the Tour Guide/Manager and Patsy of the roommate change.

FLIGHTS - You are responsible for:

  • Booking your own flight to the tour destinationAirplane
  • Getting to the airport for your flight
  • Arrangements and costs for any flight cancellations, delays, or schedule changes. Good reason to have Travel Insurance
    * If you want Patsy to arrange your flight, then you must pay the ticket cost including a Standard $35.00 Service Charge. You will still be responsible for any cancellations, delays, and schedule changes. 

Hotel for Delayed Flights - If your flight is delayed, changed, or cancelled and you need hotel accommodations:

  • Check your Travel Insurance to see what is covered
  • Make your own Hotel reservations
  • Pay your own hotel accommodations

Missing The Tour Bus - you are responsible for ALL expenses because you Missed The Bus!

  • If you miss the bus for a Day tour and the bus is returning to the hotel latercharter-bus-cliparts
    *Get a taxi and try to catch up with us   OR
    *Stay at the hotel and enjoy a free day to do whatever you want to do.
  • If you miss the bus for a Day Tour and the bus is NOT returning back to the hotel later
    *Look at your itinerary to see where we will be next
    *Ask the hotel about the best way to get there
    *Take the recomended transportation and you will be responsible for paying the cost

You must be ON TIME. We try to accommodate everyone, but tours are on a schedule with planned arrivals and departures and sometimes cannot be changed.

STREET CLOTHES - We are ambassadors for several countries as well as barbershop and Sweet Adelines International. We are always cognizant of our responsibility to represent ourselves well:

  • Avoid logos touting drugs, sexual innuendos, alcohol, guns, racial slurs or profanityShirt
  • Avoid snug T-shirts, bare midriffs, tight-fitting clothes showing the outline of your lady parts
  • Accepted Logos: Sweet Adelines, Your Chorus
  • Always have a shrug of some kind with you in case of temperature changes.

bear-hug-clipart-1Courtesy Towards Each Other - One more thought... You will spend a lot of time together with your fellow travelers. You will enjoy each other's compay. If you are feeling a bit weary or cranky, grab a hug instead of biting at a fellow traveler. We all get "grumpified" every now and them, just be gentle.

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