Harmony Travel Chorus Overview

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Interested In Singing Barbershop Harmony And Travelling All Over The World? Then This Is The Chorus For You!

Our Chorus

Harmony Travel Chorus, formerly Tropical Harmony Chorus, a division of Harmony Travel LLC, travels to a different region of the world every year in the spring or early summer. Previously we visited the countries of Italy, China, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Greece, and England.

In each country, we see the interesting and historical sites that each locality has to offer through guided tours. Performances in different areas of the country we are visiting are scheduled before we arrive.

Other Performances

Impromptu performances can happen anytime and anywhere. While in Austria, we sang in the Gazebo from Sound Of Music, the church from that same movie, and in the cathedral of a monastery that we visited on our way from Salzburg to Vienna. On our cruise ship, while visiting the Greek Islands, we entertained all those aboard with an exciting show that had them cheering and wanting more. England saw us singing on the docks in Windemere after a lovely boat ride. In Italy, we sang in Vatican Square (yes, we did stay in the square to see the Pope when he came out on the balcony), and several cathedrals in the other Italian cities we visited. 

The chorus is made up of members of Sweet Adelines who come together once a year from all over the world to sing, travel and make new friends. There are no membership fees or rehearsals before you embark on a singing adventure. A rehearsal is held the 1st or 2nd day after you arrive at your destination.

Join Us

You can be a part of this wonderful experience and create memories that will last a lifetime. Visit our All Tours Page for more information.



Past Tours 

2023 - London/Oxford & France
2022 - Beautiful Blue Danube
2021 - No Tours Because of Coronavirus
2020 - No Tours Because of Coronavirus
2019 - Scenic Switzerland
2018 - Rhine River Cruise with Bling Quartet
2017 - Ireland with extension to Wales
2016 - #1 Paris to Normandy River Cruise w/The Buzz
2016 - #2 South Africa Tour & Music Festival w/ Mo Field
2015 - #1 Canadian Rockies
2015 - #2 Greek Islands
2014 - Northern Italy
2013 - Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Optional - Budapest
2012 - France
2011 - Canadian Maritimes
2010 - Spain/Portugal
2009 - Holland/Germany
2008 - Italy
2007 - England/Scotland
2006 - Greece/Turkey
2005 - Austria
2004 - Germany
2002 - Ireland
2000 - China
1998 - Italy