Harmony Travel, LLC

Harmony Travel LLC is a "boutique" travel business. We specialize in sending Sweet Adeline members all over the world either singing with Harmony Travel Chorus or in their own chorus. Singers choose this amazing opportunity to tour and perform because they want to visit other countries, meet members of their audience, and share the stage, and maybe a meal, with performers like themselves even if we all speak a different language. Sharing our world of music is uplifting, joyful, and educational It gives us all a sense of unity.

Harmony Travel LLC was created by Patsy Meiser to send performing choruses to Europe and Asia so they can share their unique barbershop a cappella art form while exploring new countries; their art, culture, and culinary delights

This is truly sharing HARMONY with the world!

Harmony Travel LLC will plan an international performing tour for your chorus, in the states or around the world. Experience inspiration, cultural enrichment, increased sense of community, uplifting applause & make new friends. Plus your tour can also include dual performances with local groups. Whatever your goals, we'll organize the perfect itinerary with appropriate concerts!

Performance - Performances are pre-arranged for each group in any country they wish to visit. Patsy wants other choruses to have the fun and friendships experienced by members of Harmony Travel Chorus.

Travel - Musical itneraries can be arranged for most countries in Eurpoe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. England, Ireland, Scotland, as well as Germany, Italy and especially Greece, are just a few of the countries that are wonderful to visit and explore.