Travel Insurance Options

By now most of you know that it is always a good idea, some say a Must, to get Travel Insurance. There are several ways this can be done for this tour.

  1. Some will get it on your own. 
  2. Others will get travel insurance when they book their flight. 
  3. A third option is to obtain your Travel Insurance through the tour company. Below is a link to the form. You must fill it out and submit (mail) the form with payment ON YOUR OWN to the tour company, U.S.Tours. If you choose this option from Travel Insured Group Lite Protection Plan, pay special attention to the information about Pre-Existing Conditions. 

The form linked below is fillable. You can fill it out and then print it out for mailing. Or you can just print it out and then fill it out for mailing.


U.S. Tours Insurance Form

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