Costume, Accessories

Directors will have costuming suggestions coming soon!


  • Heavy street makeup – apply foundation twice, apply powder twice
  • Revlon Love That Red lipstick
  • Eyebrows – brow pencil or brow powder in shade darker then you normally wear emphasizing the arch. Helps your face look lifted and expressive
  • Eyes - We use an eyeshadow palette of vanilla white (not dead white), silver and light grey (not black grey). You can find those color palettes at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar very inexpensively, $1-$3. If you go to a drug store or big box store, expect to spend $5-$8 for the same product. The brand is irrelevant, as long as you have the white, silver, grey in your palette
    • Vanilla white (lightest) for under the brow
    • Next darker, silver, over the entire eyelid, BLEND up to where it meets the vanilla white (lightest) under the brow
    • Use light grey in the crease or where the illusion of a crease may be
    • Heavy eyeliner and mascara
  • Rosy Cheeks for the stage, not a dainty blush
  • Don't wear false eyelashes

Download makeup application guide here
NOTE: Support/control undergarments are recommended.

Street Clothes - We are ambassadors for our country and our members represent several other countries as well as barbershop and Sweet Adelines International. We are always cognizant of our responsibility to represent ourselves well.

  • Avoid logos touting drugs, sexual innuendos, alcohol, guns, racial slurs, and profanity
  • Avoid snug T-shirts, bare midriffs, tight-fitting clothes showing the outline of your lovely body.
  • Accepted Logos: Harmony Travel,  Sweet Adelines, Your Chorus
  • Always have a shrug of some kind with you. When we enter places of worship, it is courteous to have your shoulders and upper arms covered. Some places will not allow you to enter if you are uncovered.